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Fisheye in the Anime
Note: there are several spoilers in this section so proceed at your own risk.

Fisheye was not born as this beautiful creature that you see in front of you. He was born a fish.

Some way to start out life, huh?

He was probably quite happy as a fish, living in the calm waters of a Kyoto stream. At any rate, he never complained. His days would consist of swimming (a favorite sport of his, naturally), searching for plankton to eat for dinner, and socializing with other fish.

Then one fateful night...

The Dead Moon Circus found him. He was torn from his home, stuffed in a Ziploc bag filled with water, and brought to the Dead Moon. A spell was placed on him so that he would have a human appearance. He actually made out quite well in the deal: he was given a willowy figure, long cerulean blue hair with the most incredible body and shine, matching blue eyes, and classic facial features (not too delicate, not too masculine). That combination produced a creature that could easily pass for a beautiful woman or handsome man. A very androgynous beauty indeed. And he was called...Fisheye.

Unfortunately his beauty had a heavy price...Fisheye and his new buddies, Tigers-Eye and Hawk-Eye (formerly a tiger and a hawk), were put to work for the Dead Moon. Because of their animal heritage, their exotic looks and the fact that there were three of them, they became known as the Amazon Trio. By day, they were circus performers. By night...(well, not really by night but you get the idea of what I am saying), their real mission was to find the elusive Pegasus and the golden crystal.

The actual mechanics of his job Fisheye found straightforward: find a victim, extract their dream mirror, peek into it, and see if Pegasus is there, the theory being that Pegasus only can exist on this planet in the beautiful dreams of beautiful people. Almost everything was ideally done with a minimum of effort: a simple counting of "One, Two, Three" (in English) would cause a board to appear behind the victim (One), manacles to cuff the arms and legs to the back of the board (Two), and the dream mirror to be extracted (Three). If Pegasus could be found in the mirror, yay! If not, all the Amazon Trio had to do was send out a lemure or two to finish the victim off.

Okay. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly.

The hardest part of Fisheye's job was picking a victim. How the Trio chose their targets was like this: the Trio would relax a bar, drinking while sorting through stacks of pictures of beautiful people. From these pictures, they would choose their victims.

Tigers-Eye and Hawk-Eye preferred women as their victims. They often compared the virtues of a younger woman versus an older woman (and vice-versa) and the ways to make the approach. Tigers-Eye was definitely the younger woman type (being spawned from a beast, of course), while Hawk-Eye looked for the maturity and experience of an older woman. The two of them were also very competitive among themselves, but once, only once, did they ever compete for the same woman (and Minako chose both of them. Go figure).

Ah, but Fisheye...

Fisheye preferred men. Age never mattered to him. Fisheye adored the male form and any potential target that was cute and male crossed his eye, he pursued, no holds barred. His beauty proved to be a valuable aspect in his hunt: he was able to play a breath-taking young woman in order to catch his victim's attention. Or, if a, ahem, a different angle was called for, he was just as easily the gorgeous young stud-muffin.

Nor was Fisheye heartless. He always developed a crush on his victims and went into his work with much more enthusiasm than Hawk-Eye and Tigers-Eye.

But problems began to develop for Fisheye, as well as the rest of the Trio: the Sailor Senshi were interfering with their work. As soon as one of the Trio was ready to look in the victims dream mirror, Sailormoon and the rest of the Senshi showed up and made the Trio's lives miserable. And although Pegasus shows up when the Senshi appear, Fisheye and his buddies could never catch him.

Time passes...and still, Pegasus is not found. At the Dead Moon Circus, things are going from bad to worse: Zirconia is demanding results, and she wants them now!!!

And a sticky situation develops: Fisheye fell in love with his latest victim...Mamoru. When near Mamoru, Fisheye felt a strange power that he has not felt before, and it both drew him near and freighted him. He tried to woo Mamoru away from Usagi in the pet store but finds his attempts to get close hampered by both Usagi and Diana.

Fisheye is persistent. He next ambushes Mamoru outside on a park bench, asking what Mamoru sees in his girlfriend. His reply? She (Usagi) has beautiful dreams...and Fisheye starts wondering if he has dreams of his own.

A quick experiment with Tigers-Eye...and although Tigers-Eye is handcuffed (and leg-cuffed) to the board successfully, no dream mirror appears, only an illusion of one that quickly crumbles.

Fisheye confronts Zirconia about this...and she tells the Trio that they're not human as they thought! After showing them their real forms, she tells them to bring back Pegasus or they'll change back into animals! Fisheye runs off, finds Mamoru, and puts his heart and life on the line: if he protects Mamoru from evil, will Mamoru stay with him until the next new moon?

Mamoru says no!

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Note: All information is taken based on the subtitled anime I've seen and web references. Manga information has its own biography page. I do get creative in telling my story, but with the exception of the Kyoto stream, the basic facts should be accurate. As for the Kyoto stream, well, that could have happened :)

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.