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Memoirs of a Fish is the original 100% Fisheye shrine, and was launched on 22 June 1998 primarily as a homepage for an Amazon Trio fanfic that I am writing. The website has grown considerably over the past seven years. I am still working on Chapter 1 on the fanfic.

Memoirs is based ONLY on the Japanese version of the anime and manga. However, North American fans will still find the website very accurate--just change all references to Fisheye from "he" to "she" and you'll be fine.

Your screen resolution should be set at 800x600 or higher: 1024x768 and 1280x1024 will give you the best results. Whatever browser you use has to be able to handle CSS and JavaScript. Memoirs looks the best when you use Safari or Mozilla...but that's just my opinion.

Much to the chagrin of reviewers everywhere, Memoirs has never been an "eye candy" site. I prefer to provide quality information in a simple format, than to see how many graphics, flash clips, JavaScript tricks, memory-hogging graphics and hard-to-read layouts I can use on one site while still keeping my dignity. If you can easily find the information you're looking for, I've done my job correctly.

The font usually associated with the Memoirs logo text is Kristin, which came as part of the Corkboard screen saver package. Since I can no longer find it, I've switched to Gigi for the next decade of Memoirs' existence.

Do not reproduce anything on this site without permission. I do not own Fisheye or Sailormoon, but I do own the original material and the design of this site. You're free to download stuff for your own private off-line use, but if you ask to use something from Memoirs on your own website, you need to ask first.

If you want to use any images, download them and then put them on your own webspace. Linking directly to files ("hot-linking") is not permitted. If you want to use information...unless you are quoting me directly, plagiarism is very much frowned upon and will earn you my wrath. You can use my information as a reference, but what you write better be in your own words. Also, while using a few items is one thing, I don't want to see my entire image gallery or whole webpages posted word-for-word on your site. And oh yeah, a credit and a link back are always appreciated and ARE required if you're quoting me.

Fan art, fan fiction, and items from the Grab Bag are not my property unless I am specifically listed as the creator of the item) and if you want to post fan art/fan fics/grab-bag items on your own website, you will need to contact the creator of the item directly for permission.

Reviews: If you've given an unsolicited review or evaluation of Memoirs (meaning I didn't submit my site to you for review, but that you selected it for whatever reason), that's fine by me. Actually, that'll be any review I receive, as I don't submit Memoirs for review anyplace. But remember that I am not obligated in any way for unsolicited reviews--that means you don't automatically get a link or that I'll follow or even acknowledge the review. Sure, I'll read it since you worked hard on it--I'm not entirely without manners :) But that's the only thing I can promise--anything more, we'll have to see.

Affiliation: If you want to be affiliated with Memoirs, drop me a note and we'll talk about it.

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.