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Fisheye Fan Fiction

This is where you will find assorted Fisheye multimedia for you to enjoy! Want to add something to the Grab Bag? Go here to find out what to do.

Fisheye...the Calculator?!?
Lord Tiu has created the world's first Fisheye-themed calculator! It was updated 14 September 2000 so if you downloaded it before then, you may want to download it again to get all the new features. (451K)
Just in case you don't have the vbrun300.dll file already, it's included in the zip. It needs to be in the c:\windows\system\ directory to be able to run the calculator.

You can view a sample picture here.
The calculator is actually a bit larger than this pic.

WinAmp Skins
Chime has created a WinAmp skin with a Fisheye flavor: (127K)

You can view a sample picture here.

Buddy Icons
From Sailor Vegeta comes some Amazon Trio Buddy Icons! To save them to your computer, right click on the picture and choose Save As.

Fisheye: #1 :: #2 :: #3 :: #4 :: #5 :: #6
Hawks-Eye: #1
Tigers-Eye: #1

Fisheye Wallpaper for Windows
They are Windows Bitmap files (.BMP) and have been compressed with WinZip to speed up download time. To install the wallpapers, unzip the archive, save the file to your computer, then go to your Control Panel >> Display and select the file.

These wallpapers should work on all screen resolutions unless noted. The size given is the size of the zipped file. (123K): A full-size wallpaper featuring Fisheye in his designer lingerie!
(For resolutions 800x600 or greater)
Click for sample

Evil Underlord
From the Evil Underlord comes a lovely Fisheye paper: Profiles on Blue
Click for sample (353K): For 640x480 (484K): For 800x600

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