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Fisheye in the Manga
Note: there are several spoilers in this section so proceed at your own risk.

No flirty looks. No slinky dresses. No pursuit of Mamoru. No heroic moment where he tosses aside everything he's risked his life for to save his greatest adversary. And no bedroom hair. Fisheye the manga character is a stark contrast compared to Fisheye the anime character. Perhaps, in the manga, Fisheye did really live in that Kyoto stream that I mentioned in the anime. Maybe all he ever wanted to do was swim in the cool waters and feed off of the debris that settled on the river floor. Could it be possible that he liked his simple life and never thought about becoming human?

We may never know. Thanks to Palla-Palla, he never had a chance.

You see, Palla-Palla is the one responsible for transforming manga Fisheye into a human being...and ultimately led him down the road to destruction. Fisheye, along with Hawk-Eye and Tiger-Eye, were created to do the dirty work of the Amazoness Quartet and the Dead Moon Circus. Fisheye's assignment: hunt down the ones of the White Moon Kingdom, the dreamers of beautiful dreams.

The victim that he chooses after he consulted his mirror: Mizuno Ami, a.k.a. Sailormercury.

Getting in touch with Ami was somewhat easy for Fisheye. They do share an affinity for water, true...but how could Fisheye get himself into Ami's picture without raising her suspicions? Palla-Palla, again. She set up a pet shop which caught Ami's attention. Ami entered and of course, was drawn to all the fish. She asked Palla-Palla which fish she recommended as a purchase...and guess who dear Palla suggested? That's right, Fisheye, who had transformed back into a fish state and was putting on his cutest "love me!" face. It must have worked, because Ami liked Fisheye (the fish) a lot--he reminded her of the fish on her father's postcard--and took him home.

Ami set him up in his tank, watched him get settled...and fell back into her funk. You see, she was depressed, tired, and missing her father (an artist who one day left home and never returned, though he does mail Ami pictures). So she's sitting there and she drifts...wandering thoughts...and visions...she sees her mom kissing a man. When she calls out to her mom, her mom tells the man that she (Ami) is not related to her at all.

Frightened, Ami turns away and looks at a mirror...and sees a vision of herself as a young child, running after her father, screaming his name. But her dad brushes her away and she is horrified...and the vision melts into one of Usagi, Chibiusa and Mamoru, who are all happy happy! They are the family that Ami does not have: the togetherness, the completeness, the love between the parents and their child...everything Ami feels like she is missing.

Fisheye sees his cue. He transforms to his human appearance and slyly asks Ami about her thoughts. Ami admits that she wants to be loved... and the image in the mirror changes from her as a child to one of Fisheye kissing her.

But it quickly becomes clear that Ami may not like fish THAT much.

She goes ballistic and then realizes that she is being trapped. She struggles to escape, but she's overcome by lemures, and falls into a nightmare. Fisheye is ecstatic and plans to secure his victory.

Unfortunately for Fisheye, the next vision Ami sees is Sailormercury, who spurs Ami on to remember her true dream of protecting those she loves and those that love her. Ami snaps out of the nightmare, transforms into Sailormercury, and takes her newest weapon (the Mercury Harp, that she just picked up in her vision) and her newest attack (Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, ditto) and destroys the mirror and lemures.

Fisheye is stunned by this sudden turn of events. He would have executed a brilliant attack in retaliation if he had the chance, but Sailormercury, along with Sailormoon and Sailorchibimoon (now powered-up and no longer the wrong ages (see Vol. 12, Act 34 for an explanation), sends poor Fisheye to his death.

Meanwhile, Palla-Palla watches this all from afar. She has lost her pet, but she is not defeated...and does not shed a tear. Fisheye dies, alone and unloved.


Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.