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Fisheye Anime Pictures

Here is the largest collection Fisheye images that you will find in one place! In many of them, the rest of the picture was edited out to leave Fisheye on a black background--I think it sets Fisheye off the best. Also, none of these pictures are transparent GIFs unless they are specially indicated.

Please do not use these pictures on your own site without asking first.

Fisheye Only Pics :: Group Pics
Pics from Sailor Vegeta :: Pics from Mosaic

Fisheye Only Pictures:
Fisheye looking rather coy and flirty
Another shot of a flirty Fisheye
Fisheye balancing on a ball
Close-up shot of a sad Fisheye
Another close-up shot of a sad Fisheye
Fisheye reaching for something
Fisheye springing to his feet
Nekkid Fisheye (well, topless anyway)
The trading card of Fisheye in lingerie
Incognito Fisheye in the pet store
Fisheye...dead *sob*
Fisheye looking rather stunned about something
The signature picture of Memoirs of a Fish: Fisheye screaming
Another face of Fishy disbelief
Fisheye's eye
Fisheye plunging the knife into the binding board
Fisheye admiring his face after the makeup's on
Fisheye and the mirror again...he looks so pleased with himself
Fisheye about to throw the knives
Fisheye after he's thrown the knives
Back shot of Fisheye sitting at the bar
Fisheye in the shower, scrubbing Diana off of him
Another shot of Fisheye showering
The face of Fisheye shock
Fisheye looking forlorn
Another shot of a sad Fisheye...
...and now it looks like he's going to cry
Fisheye yelling, hand outstretched (pre-water ball)...
Fisheye yelling, hand outstretched (post-water ball)...
and here's Fisheye's water ball
No, it's not Michiru...but Fisheye's awfully close
Fisheye and this darn lipstick again!
So that's how Fisheye looks so good all the time...
Fisheye applying eyeliner
A common Fisheye face pic
An outline of lady Fisheye (transparent)
Fisheye putting on lipstick
Fisheye posing as a male model
A close up of Fisheye
A very pretty lady Fisheye
Puss-face Fisheye
Close up of Fisheye screaming
Fisheye looking over his shoulder
Fisheye looking surprised
Fisheye looking apprehensive
Fisheye looking pretty and frisky (transparent)
Fisheye is a little upset
Fisheye in his nightgown
A lingerie-clad Fisheye
The classic Fisheye bow
Fisheye complaining (transparent)
The famous Fisheye profile shot
Fisheye ready to make his move on Mamoru
A full body-shot of Fisheye
An armed and dangerous sword Fish
A beautiful close-up of Fisheye
Fisheye seeing Usagi's dream mirror destroyed
Fisheye sucking on a straw (or was it a carrot stick?)
An even better picture of Fisheye doing his lips up
Fisheye lurks in the shadows
Another shot of Fisheye with his saber
Fisheye's off to ride something (well, to try to anyway)
This thing Fisheye has with lipstick...
Fisheye gazing adoringly at an unseen Mamoru

Group Pictures:
Tigerseye cradling a wounded Fisheye
Fisheye getting a little closer to Mamoru
More of Mamoru rejecting Fisheye
Trading card of the Amazon Trio looking at the next victim
The cast of the first arc of Sailormoon SuperS
Profile shot of the Amazon Trio
Fisheye just before he tries to kiss Mamoru
Fisheye snatches a photo from a smirking Hawkseye
Fisheye kissing Mamoru
Same kissing pic, just on a black background
Fisheye moves in...
...and Mamoru rejects Fisheye's advances
Another shot of Mamoru's rejection
Fisheye about to do his makeup

Pictures from Sailor Vegeta
This batch of pics were sent in to me by Sailor Vegeta--thank you so much!
Fisheye reaches three
Another "Three" pic, a close-up
Fisheye in a pink haze
A nipple shot! (ok, I'm being naughty)
Fisheye's already falling for his next victim
Same shot as above, slightly different
Closeup of Fishy bidding someone goodbye
Fisheye squeals, the other two are nonplussed
"Well'll have to die..."
Fisheye draping himself on his target
Fisheye just got back from a fashion show...
...and he's still excited about it
Fisheye perusing fashion designs
Fisheye leaves in a circle of water
Fisheye naked YET again
Fisheye, the insatiable flirt

Pictures from Episode 143 (no descriptions):

Pictures from Episode 145 (no descriptions):

Pictures from Mosaic
Would you believe I found this almost 6 months after Mosaic sent them to me? I apologize to Mosaic for the delay in getting them up!
More Fisheye nipple goodness

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.