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Fisheye Fan Art

Here's a collection of Fisheye (and non-Fisheye!) fan art from some talented artists.

Warning: before you take anything on this page, remember that unless I am listed as the creator/author of the work, it is not mine to distribute. If you want to use them on your own site, you must contact the artist directly, or ask me and I will gladly ask for you.

Interested in submitting fan art for Memoirs? Go here to find out what to do.

Artists Featured
Minki : Sakana : Daniela : Lillith : Kagami-Chan : Bunny
Stephanie : Dark Elvin : Mako : Lady Aishiteru : Ariel
Sailor Moose : Chibi Kerry : thedutchess257
Sailor Vegeta : Madria : Shirono - NEW

My first Fisheye sketch
More of a cute Fisheye than an evil one
Fisheye chews on a carrot
Fisheye's side profile

Sakana (contact)
A piece of Fishart at its finest
Fisheye looking thoughtful
Fisheye's features...very cool looking
Fisheye in side profile (a popular angle, I think)
Fishy's cross at something here...what?
Chibi-Amazon Trio!

Daniela (contact)
It's Sailor Fisheye!
Fisheye with a slight childhood problem (you have been warned)
It's Hawks-Eye!

Fisheye as a mystical hero(ine?)
Fisheye as a woman, holding a rose
A very sexy shot of Fisheye in a dress
Fisheye as a young boy, dressed in overalls
Side facial profile of Hawks-Eye
A gorgeous facial shot of Hawks-Eye
Tigers-Eye's Tigers-Eye ^_^
A large portrait of Tigers-Eye looking anxious
Tigers-Eye, arms folded and looking sexy
Tigers-Eye in a *gasp* pullover shirt!
Tigers-Eye in a darker twist of his original costume
A beautiful line drawing of Tigers-Eye and Fisheye

Kagami-Chan Presenting a piece from (contact)
A cute picture of Fisheye smiling

Bunny (contact)
Manga-style drawing of Fisheye's head

Stephanie (contact)
Fisheye throwing daggers

Dark Elvin (contact)
Fisheye in the yellow nighty
Adorable pic of the entire Trio

Mako (contact)
Fisheye modeling a nightie

Lady Aishiteru (contact)
Usagi and Mamoru on their wedding day
Usagi and Mamoru...crossdress?!?
NeoQueen Serenity amid the crystals
Usagi and Mamoru dress up a la roaring 20's
Usagi napping with her teddy bear
A very cute portrait of Mamoru

Ariel (contact)
What Fisheye's wish is?
The three forms of Fisheye, all in one pic!

Sailor Moose (contact) ((website)
Fisheye snatching his picture away from Hawks-Eye
Fisheye and Tigers-Eye gather around Hawks-Eye
The Trio falling all over each other
The Trio strike a pose

Chibi Kerry (contact)
Fisheye winking

thedutchess257 ((contact)
Amara (Haruka) in casual wear
Lita (Makoto), also in casual wear
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
A lovely close-up of Rei (large file)

Sailor Vegeta ((contact)
The Amazon Trio's Revenge? (warning: it's a VERY LARGE pic)

Madria (contact)
Fisheye with a new look (warning: large pic)

Shirono - NEW! (contact)
Chibi Fisheye

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.