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Fisheye's Statistics
Note: there are several spoilers in this section so proceed at your own risk.

First appears: Sailormoon SuperS, episode 128
Last episode: Sailormoon SuperS, episode 149

Voice provided by (seiyuu): Ishida Akira
NA dub voice actor: Deborah Drakeford

Victims attacked & lemures released:

Kitakata (episode 137): An artist/writer who is infatuated with fairies. This is Fisheye's first victim and he decides that the best way to approach Kitakata is to be a fairy.

Lemure: Tsuna-Wataro, the tightrope act.

Cute Moments: Fisheye gets licked by Diana, who thinks Fisheye smells wonderful. Fisheye showers. Fisheye also applies makeup and succeeds in getting Tiger-Eye and Hawk-Eye flustered.

Yoshiki Usui (episode 140): A clothing designer who is in a slump because he lacks inspiration. Fisheye, who likes his designs, jumps at the chance to pursue Yoshiki. Fisheye's disguise? A very beautiful male model that the designer decides to use as his new muse.

Lemure: Go-Mario (a ball).

Cute Moments: Fisheye rips his clothing off during a fitting, giving something for DIC to try to figure out how they'll cover it up. Fisheye attempts clothing design. He insults Sailormoon and Sailorchibimoon about their outfits. Fisheye also gets bitten by a seal.

Robert (episode 143): A boy, about Chibiusa's age, who is a soccer player. Fisheye is turned on by his smooth skin (don't ask) and poses as a young girl.

Lemure: Mawashi-taro (a combination Pegasus/human/bodybuilder creature).

Cute Moments: We see Fisheye attempt to throw knives...but he's not very good at it.

Yamagishi (episode 145): A ballet director who is also staging the presentation of Giselle, a tragic story. Fisheye just shows up for this one in a tutu and pointe ballet slippers, and ends up being the director's new muse for the lead role of Giselle.

Lemure: Kurumi-wario (a puppet-looking ballet dancer).

Cute Moments: Fisheye as a ballerina. Need I say more?

Ok, Fisheye goes ballistic after he learns that he wasn't being considered for Giselle--he was only being used as inspiration.

Makoto (episode 147): For those of you who don't know who she is, she's Sailorjupiter. Fisheye was not originally targeting her--he showed up to take over where Tiger-Eye had left off. Fisheye didn't look in the dream mirror, but (I need to verify the first part of the following) he did bind Makoto to the board, and later on, released the lemure when Tiger-Eye refused to.

Lemure: Shuffle-flo (a disgruntled poker dealer).

Cute Moments: Fisheye dresses up for a beauty pageant...and wins it!

Mamoru (episode 148): Gee...Tuxedo Kamen (or Tuxedo Mask for you DIC-ers). Fisheye fell in love with this one, kids, and tries to woo him away from Usagi.

Lemure: Tobi-Haneo (a trampoline artist).

Cute Moments: Fisheye insults Usagi in front of her face. Diana is once again attracted to Fisheye's scent, causing him to run out of the shop. Fisheye tries to extract a mirror from Tiger-Eye, and fails. Fisheye gives an unconscious Mamoru a kiss (*aww*). Fisheye is also spotted sitting forlorn in the rain, looking so sad.

Chibiusa (episode 149): A.K.A. Sailorchibimoon. While he is a guest at Usagi's house (?!?), Fisheye stumbles upon her by accident. He realizes that Chibiusa is Pegasus's host and decides to capture her.

Lemure: None. He also didn't look in her dream mirror either.

Cute Moments: Fisheye captures her while wearing a nightgown. The rest of the episode is so tragic, but it ends well. :)

Fisheye's basic appearance: Puffy blue jumper reminiscent of the Michelin Tire Guy, with a fish skeleton pattern on the front. Pink high heels/boots. Has the Amazon Trio markings of a mark on the forehead and two stripes on his cheek. Hands are reptilian-looking, with long pointed red nails.

While imitating human form, Fisheye loses the outfit, facial and hand characteristics. His taste in clothing and shoes is also much more refined.

Likes: Men, make-up, fashion, dramatics, men fighting over him, performing (see a trend here?), drinking from martini glasses, tickling.

Dislikes: Cats, carrots, sailor senshi attire, tickling (now, is tickling a good or bad thing? I can never decide).

Dreams: Since he has no dream mirror, none officially. But Mamoru might be a possibility...

How they changed him for the North American dub: They turned him into a woman. Not that Fisheye would EVER mind wearing a dress...

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.