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Submit Stuff to Memoirs

Though Memoirs may be static, submissions of fan art, fan fiction, rants or other goodies for the Grab Bag are accepted at any time! I'll post almost anything you send me, so don't think you're not good enough to end up on Memoirs...because the odds are highly in your favor!

Guidelines for ALL Submissions:

  • I can only accept things that YOU created. Please do not submit other people's work. If you're a joint author/creator/collaborator with others on the work you're submitting, please get everyone else's permission first.
  • It doesn't have to be Fisheye or Amazon Trio related!
  • I can host fan submissions on my webspace if necessary: be sure to ask me when submitting. However, I may not be able to host all submissions due to size constraints.
  • I reserve the right to defer posting of a fan submission to a later date, reject it for posting at Memoirs, or remove it from Memoirs at any time.
  • Your fan works will remain posted unless you request them to be removed, or the link to your work is broken (i.e., 404). You may request to have your work removed at any time.

Fan Art Guidelines:

  • JPG and GIF file formats preferred. Other formats (TIF, BMP, etc.) will be converted to one of those two.
  • Hentai accepted on a case-by-case basis...basically, nothing that turns my stomach will be allowed (so no tentacles). All hentai pics will be posted with disclaimers.

Fan Fiction Guidelines:

  • Hentai, ecchi, yaoi/yuri stories accepted on a case-by-case basis and will be posted with disclaimers.
  • No slash or anything "squicky". Again, if it makes me sick to read it, it's out.
  • If you request that I host the fanfic on my own webspace, only TXT or RTF format files accepted. Other formats will be rejected.

Raving Lunatic Guidelines:

  • My posting your submission does not necessarily mean that I endorse/agree with what you're saying. You take full responsibility for the content of your submission, and any feedback I receive from your submission will be passed directly onto you.
  • I do not edit submissions. I will perform grammar, spelling and other proofreading checks ONLY upon request.

If you got this far, then you're good to go! To submit something, go to the Contact page and find out how to get in touch with me.

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.