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Fisheye Fan Fiction

Remember that unless I am listed as the creator/author of the work, it is not mine to distribute. If you want to use them on your own site, you must contact them directly, or ask me and I can ask for you. If you want to see your fan fiction on this page, go here to find out what to do.

Serial Fan Fiction

In Love, Memories Revealed
by Madria
Romantic entanglements play havoc with Fisheye
Part 1

by Uncle Judy
Fisheye's off to the airport...why?
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Fisheye Plays the Crying Game
by Xahji the Myrmidon
A hysterical re-write of Episode 148 with a surprising outcome!

Sailormoon on Jerry Springer (yes, you read right!)
by Xahji the Myrmidon
The sequel to Fisheye Plays the Crying Game; not as strong as the first story but enjoyable nonetheless.

Bishounen No Mori (Forest of Pretty Boys)
by Sailor Spazz
An insane series mixing the Amazon Trio and the Four Generals together. Recommended for the adventurous!

Standalone Fan Fiction

Demise is Always a Possibility
by Mirage the Amazon Solo
After finding peace post-Zirconia, one Trio member wants to go back to the real world.

Thanksgiving and The Miracles We Are Thankful For
by Madria
What ARE the Trio thankful for?

What a Fish Wants
by Emily
One possible answer to the question, "What does Fisheye Want?"

What's in a Dream?
by Hotaru
A lovely poem asking Fisheye's biggest question.

What if...
by Malkie
A short story asking: what if the Amazon Trio became the protectors of dreams?

Return of Queen Beryl: Strongest Fighters unite!
by Sailor Vegeta
Sailormoon, DragonBall Z and Slayers all collide one fateful day...

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.