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Contact Information
Ways to contact me:

  • E-mail is the fastest way to reach me. So write me at minki_roo @ (remove any spaces from the e-mail address)

    You may see that some of the e-mail links scattered around Memoirs will come up with NOSPAM in the e-mail address ( remove the NOSPAM part from the e-mail address before sending and it'll work normally

    If you see any of the old addresses around, don't use them for your message because thanks to an overwhelming amount of spam, I no longer use any of the addresses.
  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): minki la moo, but I keep erratic hours
  • Y! Instant Messenger:   minki_roo, also with erratic hours, but this may be better than AIM because you can leave messages for me when I'm offline.

    E-Mail and Contact Do-s and Don't-s:
    Stolen from my AYBS make sure I receive and read your message, follow these guidelines:

    • DO: put "Memoirs of a Fish" or "Fisheye" in the subject. Doing this is the ONLY way to guarantee I'll read your e-mail, as my mail filters are tough cookies. Put anything else and you risk your message not be read right away...or even not being read at all. Sorry, that's the rule.
    • DO: be patient and give me a few days to answer you.
    • DO: if you're sending attachments (fanart, fanfiction, etc.), send them as .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP or .TXT files ONLY.
    • DO: feel free to send me an instant message if you see me online!

    • DON'T: send me a message with a blank subject or something like "Hi". A lot of spam comes disguised as "Hi" :/
    • DON'T: spam me with 20 messages in two days thinking it'll make me respond faster--it won't.
    • DON'T: send your attachments in any other format without first contacting me for permission. Attachments that are .EXE, .ZIP, .SCR and any other format will be deleted without opening.
    • DON'T: harass or flood me with messages if I don't respond immediately. Sometimes I'm away or too busy to chat--if that happens, try again later.
    • DON'T: think that my responding to your AIM/e-mail means I want a relationship to develop further between us. I've had more than a few people get too attached to me. If I want us to become friends, I'll let you know.
    • DON'T: bother to ask for my name, address, picture, phone number or other personal information--those requests are deleted without reply.
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