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The Worst Pages of the Web by the Amazoness Quartet
Best of the Web for July 1998
1999 SM People's Choice Awards: 2nd Place, Shrine Category
2000 SM People's Choice Awards: 2nd Place, Shrine Category
and finally:
2001 SM People's Choice Awards: Winner, Shrine Category

The Next Generation's Award of Excellence

Apartment 201's Spotlight Site

The Myrmidon Medal Sapphire Award--2nd Place for July 1998

The Three Tiers - Tier I Award Winner for Beauty

QUPEE: Third in both the Supreme and Ultimate Universal Contests

* Tellu Reviews: Scored a 20 out of 20

* Moon Excellence from Pretty Soldier Paradise

* AEM's Preferred Site of the Week

* Eternal Gateway--Fire's Choice for Site of the Week (22 December 1999)

* Usagi's Top Sites: Second place for both July and September 1999

* The Cosmic Moon Time Passage Evil Award

* Daydream Sailor Moon: Krescent Sphere's Award for the Site of the Week

* The SMRC Smart Site Award!

* A.E.M's Award for Evil Excellence

Last, but Memoirs of a Fish is a recommended pick at The Obsessed Sailormoon Fanclub. Or "was", I guess, since the fanclub's gone now.
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