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About Minki

Over a decade ago, during one long boring night at work, I made a website. Well, I started to teach myself how to make a website.

That first website was rather hideous, actually. It was a soapbox (I was blogging even before the term "blogging" was invented). The second site was my Are You Being Served site, from which most of my web fame is derived.

The third site was this very site that you're looking at. It was originally made to accompany a fanfic I was writing...and which after 10 years, has never gotten past Chapter 1.

I live somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere with a husband, a son, two cats, one dog and a spider of unknown gender. Besides slinging out Fisheye and Britcom stuff, I knit, play videogames and write. I'm going back to school for a second degree because...well, because I can.

If you want to find out a little more about me, you can visit my Y! 360 page, which really isn't updated, my LiveJournal which is only marginally more updated, or the AYBS Forum, where I'm usually every day.

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