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Fisheye Live Pics

These are pictures of Fisheye and the rest of the Amazon Trio that are taken from the Sailormoon Live Musicals, people cosplaying as Fisheye, of their Fisheye plushy or t-shirt or whatever things Fishy, etc. (we have none of those yet but you can send them in if you like!).

The rules regarding distribution on the images page are different from the rest of the shrine--basically, the pictures are the property of whoever created them and as such, it's their rules for distribution that you must follow, not mine. Please contact the source directly if you wish to use any of these pictures or have any questions: their names and e-mail addresses are listed.

The Musical pictures are on loan from the wonderful Becky.

The Trio get ready to sing
Fisheye dances on his ball
Closeups of Hawks-Eye and Fisheye
Fisheye looking coy
Fisheye clings to Mamoru
Fishy just doesn't give up easily, does he?
The Trio pose
A dark pic of Fisheye
Everyone's just singing and dancing here
What's gotten into Tigers-Eye and Hawks-Eye?

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