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Fisheye Manga Pictures

These are some of Fisheye's manga and art book appearances. As he was only in one act of the manga, there is not a large number of pictures with him in it. As with the anime pictures, please do not use them on your site without permission.

A lovely profile scan of Fisheye from the latest art book
Two versions of Fisheye: human and fish
The full-body Fisheye art book pic
It's times like this I wish I could read Japanese...what is he afraid of?
For those who want it all, the entire art book page!
Fisheye being admired in the fishtank
Ami and Fisheye (the fish), still in the pet shop
Fisheye posing on a ball
Fisheye's bragging over his capture
Fisheye's face, seconds before his death
Fisheye in the Kyoto stream, perhaps?
Another shot of Fisheye Fisheye, post-transformation, with a big smile
The cutest close-up of Fisheye!
Fisheye introduces himself
The one picture that Fisheye looks most like a man in
An eerie picture of Fisheye
Fisheye transforms and makes his move

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