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The Other 2/3rd of the Amazon Trio

In his quest, Fisheye was not alone. Presenting a brief look at the two men closest to Fisheye:

Razor blades for earrings, a crop-top, striped spandex, flowing blond hair and a Lolita complex...that describes Tigers-Eye nicely, I think.

If Fisheye is the extroverted one, Tigers-Eye is the funny one. He is the most superficial and vain of the three...more vain than Fishy? Yes! When he goes out on his missions, he selects personas that put his beauty in the most flattering light (e.g., beach comber (ep. 144), handsome dancer (ep. 147), gorgeous yet dying man (ep. 131)). What usually happens is that someone says or does something that makes his ego fall flat on his face. How can we forget Naru (little Naru!) tossing over a disguised Tigers-Eye for Umino (ep. 131)?

The funny part is that Tigers-Eye is truly wounded and indignant when these things happen to him. Tigers-Eye's conceit and opinion of himself is so high that he enters into a contest with Hawks-Eye to see which one of them could subdue the target first (Minako, ep. 141).

Tigers-Eye prefers the beauty of young girls and so tends to select the youngest, most attractive prospects (although sometimes they were a little TOO young (ep. 140)). Once he selects them, he uses his beauty and charm to try and win their attention. If that fails, Tigers-Eye is not above trying to impress with skills, such as his impersonation of a master fighter (again, ep. 140). If all else fails, he just attacks.

For all his shallowness, Tigers-Eye does have a deeper side to him, and for all of his competitive airs, he has a strong bond with his partners. At times he questions his own life and his purpose, especially moving was when he thinks about what friends are (ep. 144). His turning point was after Hawks-Eye's demise (ep. 149); he sacrifices his own chance at becoming truly human and joins together with Fisheye to fix Usagi's dream mirror and make things right.

Maybe it is the "Pink-Hair" theory: Hawks-Eye seems to be the least appreciated/liked of the Trio (same as Sailorspore Chibiusa/Sailorchibimoon is reviled among many). It's really a shame because Hawks-Eye has a very wry, subtle sense of humor that's enjoyable to watch.

Or perhaps it is because Hawks-Eye is not as flashy as the other two. Hawks-Eye is usually very to-the-point in his schemes, and doesn't get sidetracked by things such as the image he is giving off (Tigers-Eye) or the love of the victim (Fisheye). Hawks-Eye seems to think his personas through more, instead of relying on instinct or the quick-fix. Hawks-Eye's victims are usually older women; he finds their experiences in life to be more attractive than physical aspects. He does not rely on his beauty or charm but instead attacks on a more logical level: if his victim is a widow, what better way to connect than to assume an appearance similar to her late husband (ep. 138)?

And while Hawks-Eye may seem a little aloof, he also has a strong bond with his partners, and with them realized the value of humanity. He's the one who took the fatal shot to protect the other two, stating with his last breath that if they (the Trio) were going to become human, they should do it right from the beginning.

For more information about Hawks-Eye and Tigers-Eye, please visit some of the excellent Amazon Trio sites listed under the Other Links page.

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