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Fisheye in the Anime - Part 2
Note: there are several spoilers in this section so proceed at your own risk.

Poor Fisheye! Spurned, scared...soon he will go back to being a fish. He didn't mind being a fish in the beginning, but was so much more fulfilling as a human!

After Mamoru's refusal, Fisheye lashed out, took out Mamoru's dream mirror, looked in it...and his spirits fell. Pegasus wasn't there. Fisheye pulled out a knife and almost...but changed his mind and plunged it into the board, then gave Mamoru a kiss and fled.

He ran off...he didn't know where. He was back into his pretty woman disguise and the rain was ruining his skirt. Funny thing, though, he noticed that his hair never looked better. He eventually found himself on a park bench, sad and confused.

His wish to be human, snuffed out.

He was contemplating everything when he felt someone staring at him. He looked up and saw Usagi standing there, smiling. You see, Usagi was still blissfully unaware that her rival for Mamoru's love was 1. a he, 2. was playing for the evil team, and 3. was formerly a fish.

Usagi took pity on Fisheye (and also wanted to set him straight about Mamoru) and brought him home to dry out. After he changed into a dry shirt, Fisheye sat down to tea with Usagi and asked about her dreams. When Usagi started talking about her love, she says something that Fisheye remembers hearing before, and he realizes that...oh no, it's not...oh God, she is Sailormoon!


Usagi is called away, and Fisheye roams the house. He peeps into a room and finds Chibiusa talking, this is insane...Chibiusa is Pegasus' host! Fisheye captures her but instead of bringing her to the Dead Moon Circus, squirrels her away.

Fisheye returns to face the wrath of Zirconia, who had observed all of the exchange in the park (though fortunately not what happened in Usagi's flat). Zirconia declares that Usagi will be the next target for the Trio. Fisheye tactfully declines the mission ("she's not Pegasus's host!"), and Hawks-Eye goes instead, taking with him the key (a little ball, really) to the Trio possibly becoming human.

Tigers-Eye is under orders to restrain Fisheye, but Fisheye nimbly escapes and follows Hawks-Eye...and Tigers-Eye follows Fisheye. The Trio doesn't know that Zirconia doesn't care if they make it back because we see that she has already has groomed their replacements.

Hawks-Eye, being descended from a hawk, gets around fast and has already cornered, shackled, and extracted the dream mirror from Usagi. He's about to look in the mirror when the rest of the Trio, plus an unfriendly demon, arrive. Fisheye tells Hawks-Eye Usagi's real identity but that won't stop Hawks-Eye from looking; however, the demon breaking Usagi's dream mirror a somewhat more effective deterrent for Hawks-Eye.

Fisheye, whether from knowing Usagi was Sailormoon, or that she was Mamoru's boyfriend, or from realizing that he was a pawn in the Dead Moon plot, or because he is really a romantic dreamer (your guess is as good as mine) is stunned. He doesn't even see the projectiles coming from the demon...Hawks-Eye does and takes the bullet meant for Fisheye, and dies.

To think that if Fisheye had swam fast enough, he could have avoided that fishing net all those years ago...

Anyway, he's here and he's confused as to what to do next. Does he try to use the ball to become human? Should he and Tigers-Eye avenge Hawks-Eye's death? What about Usagi's dream mirror; should her dreams of love go unfulfilled? (this last option did have Fisheye thinking about the inroads he could make with Mamoru. But just for a couple of seconds.). And how about this demon that is throwing shots at them? Fisheye wished for inspiration.

Tigers-Eye, in a rare moment of selflessness, tells Fisheye that they should do it right and be human from the start.

And that settles it for Fisheye.

The next few events are a blur in Fisheye's mind. He brought forth Chibiusa...Usagi's dream mirror was fixed...he told her to transform into Sailormoon...Pegasus appeared...the demon was killed...he remembered speaking to Sailormoon and telling her that he envied her for her dreams. Sailormoon finally realized that Fisheye had been her romantic rival. Then Fisheye died and reverted back to being a fish. A dead fish.

Wait. Don't go! There's a happy ending...

Pegasus appeared and he restored the Trio's human appearances. Then, he gave them what they had been hoping for: dream mirrors! Fisheye, Tigers-Eye and Hawks-Eye are finally and truly human! Pegasus takes the three of them away to wait in safety until the battles are over.

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Note: All information is taken based on the subtitled anime I've seen and web references. Manga information has its own biography page. I do get creative in telling my story, but with the exception of the Kyoto stream, the basic facts should be accurate. As for the Kyoto stream, well, that could have happened :)

Original material 1998-end of time, Minki. Sailormoon, et. al 1992-end of time, Naoko Takeuchi and a bunch of others. All rights reserved.