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I do not own the copyright to Are You Being Served?; otherwise I'd be living on some beach in the Bahamas. The BBC owns the copyright to AYBS and its characters. This site is not affiliated with the BBC in any way, and I am not making any financial profit from the use of their copyrights on this site.

I DO own the copyright to the original information on the site such as the summaries, original text, and website design. So don't take my text, layouts or HTML and try to pass it off as your own.

Requesting Materials to Use
98% of the time, I say Yes...providing you follow these guidelines:

  • Ask first. It's the responsible thing to do, plus it's a great way to get your site on the AYBS link list. Also, some pictures/material I have obtained from other people and are being used with their permission; therefore THEY are the ones you need to ask, not me. If necessary, I have their contact info, or if they are choosing to remain anonymous, I can forward a request on your behalf.
  • A link back to AYBS Forever is very much appreciated. A link is mandatory if you are using original text or materials.
  • Don't ask for every single thing you see: do some hard work of your own. Besides, if you use all my stuff, they won't see you but instead think of me...and you want them to see you, right? That's what I want too.
  • Don't plagiarize. You're welcome to paraphrase or rewrite text for your own site. But if you're going to quote or use my exact text (cut and paste), you MUST give me credit for writing it.
  • Don't direct link (a.k.a. hot-link or remote link) to any images, ZIP or sound files. I do tend to use obscene pictures to deter hot-linkers.
  • I do not own the copyrights to fan fiction or fan art posted here. If you want to use someone's fanfic or fanart on your site, you must contact the author of the specific work directly. If they did not post an e-mail address in their fic, I can forward the request for you.
  • The sounds clips in the sound library were made by Jeff Rice, and he has made them available to all, providing that we make them available for others to take as well. These you do not need to ask for permission...but you also have to share them with others too--you can't claim them as exclusively your own.
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