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Are You Being Served?, the characters, and other relevant things are 1972-end of time, BBC. Summaries, addiction symptoms, original text, site design and layout and everything else is 1995-end of time, , except where specified otherwise. All rights reserved. This is an unofficial and not-for-profit site, and is not affiliated with the BBC.

The mp3 files are being offered with the expressed permission from the song owners(s).

The opinions expressed in this website are entirely my own and may not necessarily represent those of the BBC or any other person/entity, unless specifically stated otherwise. I am not responsible for the content of fanfiction.

Credits and Thanks
Most of the information and images have been obtained from watching episodes of the show, and from the "Are You Being Served? : The Inside Story...", "The Are You Being Served? Stories: Camping In and Other Fiascoes" and "Are You Being Served?: A Celebration of 25 Years" books.

Some webcam images and gallery images are from Crystal's fabulous Grace Brothers Multimedia Department

The sound gallery is from Jeff Rice's old AYBS page, which he GNUed before he hung up his tape measure and set off for retirement. Lucky for everyone, Thomas Jones has done a great job in preserving Jeff's original site for us to continue enjoying: The Unofficial Are You Being Served? Homepage.

Birth and death dates and some biographical information about the cast was provided by the U.K. Internet Movie Database

The contact address for Candy Davis is courtesy of Emily's classic AYBS? Virtual Video Vault

Several contributors wish to remain anonymous. Even though they're a little shy, they still deserve my warmest thanks!

Thanks to R.W. for being a good friend and for letting me use the photos from the former AYBS Online Scrapbook.

More thanks to C. for being so damn tolerant of my AYBS frenzy. Still more thanks to L., who got me into the AYBS? craze in the first place.

I can't forget all of my wonderful AYBS and More! forum members for their feedback, ideas, inspiration and keeping my forum hopping. Special thanks to my most loyal staff: Tiddles, Greg WibblyWobbly and Sonosun, for keeping the forum at the top of the game. I'm truly blessed to have those three as my staff, and anyone that tries to steal them away from me will have a fight on thier hands :) Tiddles also deserves thanks for letting me use the results of her AYBS YouTube searches on the Links page.

Thanks to most of the AYBS-related groups (over the last 10+ years there are so many to list!) that have provided me with information, trivia and the answers to my questions.

Thank you to all of the Fanworks contributors for keeping us entertained with your creativity!

In addition to everyone above, I want to give personal thank-yous to Trevor, James, Voodoo, Denny, Ellen, Taylor, Eric, Weebo, CereCere, Ticerust, Steve, Criscione, Nancy, and Laurel, as you all contributed to the Shrine in your own way.

If I've omitted anyone, it was unintentional--please contact me as soon as possible and I'll make sure you're listed.

Most importantly, thank you for coming to this site! Because YOU are the main reason I am here :)

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