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Over a decade of Are You Being Served links at your disposal! Think of this page as a search engine for AYBS, but without advertisements :)

AYBS Resource Sites * Official Sites * Yahoo Groups * PBS Pages * More AYBS Sites * Britcom Sites * Best of the Forum * AYBS on YouTube * MIA * Last but not least...

AYBS Resource Sites
Of all the fansites out there, these are the "best of the rest." I highly recommend you visit them:
Are You Being Served? Executive Kharzi
Full of fun AYBS fan scripts
The Are You Being Served Picture Gallery
Hundreds of AYBS screen snaps to enjoy
The AYBS? Virtual Video Vault
Highly detailed with the higest-quality content
Ganymede's Are You Being Served Site
The best original AYBS articles
The Grace Brothers' Multimedia Department
A potpourri of lots of AYBS information
Wibster's AYBS Multimedia Site
Tons of homemade wallpapers, screen savers and games
The Unofficial Are You Being Served Website
The archive of Jeff Rice's original AYBS? site

Official AYBS Sites
These are the official AYBS sites or the official sites of the cast members.
The BBC Home Page
BBC: Are You Being Served
David Croft's Official Site
John Inman's Official Site
Mike Berry's Official Website

AYBS Yahoo Groups
Are You Free?
Are You Being Served?
Ganymede's AYBS? Mailing List
John Inman and Mollie Sudgen
A 2nd one named Are You Being Served
Are You Being Served? Fans

Louisiana's PBS AYBS Site
Rocky Mountain PBS: An Evening With John Inman Interview
and of course, I have to include:
PBS main page

More AYBS? Sites
Sonosun's AYBS Link List***
Diana's Canteen***
Assistant 134's AYBS Wallies***
BeebFun: Are You Being Served?***
Kings of Camp - John Inman***
Kurt's Wendy Richard Appreciation Page***
British Sitcom Guide - AYBS***
Mrs. Slocombe's Pussycat***
Are You Being Served***
The Insider (with AYBS writeup)***
BBC Photographs - AYBS***
Design House International (DHI)***
(for AYBS/Britcom merchandise)

David Croft Interview
Are You Being Served? Fansite
Wikipedia - Are You Being Served
Wikipedia - Are You Being Served? Australian Version
NationMaster - AYBS
"Are You Being Served, Sir?" lyrics
AYBS References
Mollie Sudgen - Official National Treasure
Television Heaven - AYBS
Murdered to Death Bio - Nicholas Smith
Murdered to Death Bio - Trevor Bannister
Wikiquote - AYBS
AYBS Actors Webpage List
AYBS @ Nostalgia Central
CAODS - AYBS Play Review
AYBS News @ Topix
Tribute to Mike Berry
Mollie Sudgen Info Page
Humor Links - AYBS Links
BBC Programs Info Page: AYBS
BBC Programs Info Page: AYBS (PDF)
Sup's Are You Being Served? Page
AYBS @ Squidoo
Epguides: AYBS
AYBS Fanlisting Site
A cool Trevor Bannister Fan Page
Fun Trivia: AYBS
AYBS Quizzes's AYBS Page
Are You Being Served? Trivia Page
Grace Brothers
Are You Being Served
Indopedia - AYBS
British TV Resources: AYBS AYBS AYBS Movie Review
AYBS @ Pazsaz Information Pages
BFI Screenonline: AYBS' AYBS Page
Internet Movie Database (UK): Are You Being Served?

More Britcom Sites
Red Dwarf*********
The Groovie Page of British Comedy***
Keeping Up Appearances***
On the Buses Forum***
British Comedy on American TV***
The BritCom List
BritsCom (note the "s")
Emily's British Invasion List - List Homepage
The Big Red Book
Classic Telly
Just a Minute
Sue Upton Fanpage
Television Heaven
Benny's Place
Benny Hill's Hotel Splendide
Cafe Rene
BBC Programme Catalogue
The Pleasure Dome
Steptoe and Son
The Cult TV Home Page
Whispers from Walmington
Classic Comedy Forum
Vicar of Dibley Fan Page
The Alt.Comedy.British.FAQ

Best of the Forum
Here's a direct link to some of the best stuff the AYBS Forum has to offer, but don't thank me for them--thank the forum members for coming up with such brilliant stuff to post! You may need to be logged into the forum to view some of these threads (and if you're not a member, you can become one: it's fast, painless and free!)

The forum itself: Are You Being Served...and More! Forum  (Forum RSS Feed)
Scans from John Inman's Tribute Show
Pics from John's Funeral
GregWibblyWobbly's Famous Vote-Off Forum
AYBS Multimedia Forum
Assistant 134's New and Improved Wallies

AYBS on YouTube
Clips, parodies and more! Questions about the links?
Mr. Humphries' Song
Amateur AYBS Play on YouTube: 1 : 2
Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy Collection
AYBS Parody (PG-13)
Are You Being Shagged (PG-13)
John Inman reads The Gingerbread Man
Thomas the Tank Engine Intro - AYBS Style
Thomas/AYBS Parody
More Thomas/AYBS Parody
You can use this link to search for more AYBS clips!

Missing in Action
The following were some good AYBS sites that seem to have disappeared from the Web. If you know where they've moved to or what happened to them, let me know!

  • M. Bennett's Are You Being Served? Online Scrapbook
  • PBS 45 & 49's British Comedy Club
  • Are You Being Served? Australian Style
  • The Mrs. Slocombe Pussy Collection
  • The Candy Davis Website

Last but not least...
These are not AYBS sites, but for having such nifty names and/or URLs, they get nifty plugs:
Are You Being Served Catering
Allisonville Youth Baseball and Softball League
Hornchurch & Upminster Conservatives Website
Are You Being Served Brand Creation

Have a link to suggest to the list? Suggest it here!

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