Saving for a Rainy Day

A Script By Richard Baker

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It is a funny day somewhere in Surrey. There is a long road and Mr Rumbold's Ford Granada goes down it. We then cut to the interior of the car showing Mr Rumbold driving and Captain Peacock studying the map.

Mr Rumbold: Are we all alright in the back.

Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms: Fine thank you.

Mr Humphries & Mr Lucas: (They pop their heads out behind the ladies. Mrs Slocombe in on Mr Lucas's lap and Miss Brahms is on Mr Humphries lap) Very well thank you.

Mr Harman: (Is behind the chair) You can see quite a lot from here.

Mr Humphries: I can tell you now Mr Lucas. I don't mean to offend Mrs Slocombe you know.

Mr Lucas: Why not. I do.

Mr Humphries: I mean I know she's a nice enough woman but these trousers are brand new. These were actually to compensate for the extra 3.15 Mr Grace refused to put on my wages. And you must admit Mrs Slocombe has been putting it a lot on there you know and if she sat on my lap it might have creased them. So it's just as well I've got Miss Brahms on my lap.

Mr Harman: I'm glad she is. She has to be brave to sit on you I'll tell you that.

Mr Humphries: I shall ignore that remark.

Mr Lucas: Well. I wouldn't mind having Miss Brahms on my lap. She wouldn't even have to face the other way she could look towards me.

Miss Brahms: In your dreams bigballs. (Mr Lucas goes goggled eyed).

Captain Peacock: I'm sure we should have taken the B1288 sir. That would have taken us towards the M23 for sure.

Mr Rumbold: Well. I though we could go for a drive in the country since we are all on holiday. Anyway me and Mrs Rumbold always come this way for picnic's.

Captain Peacock: Well if we loose our way we'll be in one. (Mr Rumbold looks confused).

To Be Continued!

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