The Unofficial Are You Being Served? Fanclub

The Fanclub will be starting up again soon in 2009! I have found my "Heir Apparent" who is getting ready to take over.

If you are interested in getting any progress reports on the original Unofficial AYBS Fanclub, drop me a note and we'll keep you updated. There is no set timeline yet, but we're aiming for this year.

You will find the official word about the fanclub only on a site; reports on sites may not be accurate.

Meanwhile, if you're itching to meet fellow AYBS fans, you can do this in one of two ways. The first is to join the "Are You Free?" Yahoo Group at (new window) and join us on the mailing list.

The more interactive (read: more fun!) place to meet fellow AYBS fans is to join us at AYBS and More Forums and get to know us. We're the largest active AYBS forum on the web with a great bunch of people there. There are also places there to get off-topic so you don't feel like you must discuss AYBS 24-7...though we have some members that will do just that for you :)

If you have an active AYBS-related fanclub that you'd like for me to plug here, send me the URL and I'll be happy to add it here to help fans out.

By the way, if you haven't noticed that we've moved...well, we've moved. The new URL is Update your links and bookmarks!