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Old 08-16-2008, 10:42 AM
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Default How-to: Tagging threads

I think I figured out our search cloud Basically, it's a collection of common search terms and the bigger the word, the more often people have searched for that term.

So if anyone is interested in tagging along, here are some tips for tagging threads:
  • Think like a search engine: what key words would you use if you wanted to find this thread? If it's about Mrs. Slocombe, "Slocombe" is an excellent tag choice. If it's about the Pussy Boots display, then "Pussy Boots" and "displays" are both good choices.
  • You don't have to tag threads "AYBS", "AYBS?A", "Are You Being Served?", "Grace and Favor" or "Are You Being Served? Again". It's an AYBS forum after all, so that's already covered But if it's not about AYBS/AYBS?A (like that Samantha Who? thead), then go ahead and tag it.
  • Don't worry about capitalization--it will be converted to all lowercase anyway
  • Don't use the thread author, participants or member names names as tags. The search features as is can readily search for posts by specific people.
  • Tagging threads is optional--you don't need to tag a thread if you don't want to.
  • You can tag anyone's thread. If you started the thread, you can add up to 5 tags. If you didn't start the thread, you can add up to 2 tags
  • Not all threads are tagged yet--we've just started. So if you see an untagged thread and want to try out tagging, go for it!
  • Staff will tweak tags as necessary to keep them effective for searching (fix misspellings, make the format consistent, delete unnecessary tags)
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