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Customer Service Help desk and suggestion box

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Old 01-28-2008, 11:37 AM
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Default About Customer Service

This forum is now called Customer Service. If you need assistance, we are ready to serve you! This is a quick tour of how it works:

Customer Service Main Area:
This main area is the public help area: if you need help with doing something, start a thread and just ask us! Give us as much detail about your problem as you can so we can help you. If you received any error messages, let us know what the messages were and what you were doing when you got it, and if you remember, when you received the message.

You can use the public area to post a comment or a suggestion as well.

How-To Folder:
The How-To folder is located in here as well: this is where you'll find guides for doing things at the forum.

The Suggestion Box:
The Suggestion Box is nailed to the wall over there. You'll see that it says "Private" and when you look in it you'll see that it has no threads. That's because the Suggestion Box is now private But go in there and start a thread with your suggestion, comment, question, half-eaten pork pie, instead of everyone being able to read your suggestion, only you and the staff will be able to see the thread. Just like a real suggestion box!

Things to Know:
Customer Service, the Suggestion Box or sending things to me by PM/e-mail are really the best way to make suggestions or comments. If you leave comments in random threads, I may not get to them in a timely manner; if they're off-topic for the thread, they do run the risk of being moved or deleted.

If you post directly in the Customer Service main area, your post will be visible to the public. If you post in the Suggestion Box, it is visible to just you and staff. If you want something to be for my eyes only, you need to send it directly to me by PM or e-mail.

We appreciate and consider every idea and suggestion that you have to send us; however we may not be able to implement every suggestion offered, so don't take it personally if we have to say "No" to it right now.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc....let me know. Heck, take them and give the new Suggestion Box a try!
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