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Old 02-02-2008, 01:56 PM
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Default Thread unsubscription for bouncing addresses

Yet another reason for you to make sure your e-mail address on your forum account is current: effective beginning...well, two days ago , the forum will automatically turn off e-mail subscriptions for accounts with bouncing e-mail addresses. Bouncing means that means an e-mail message the forum sent to your account was returned to us as being Undeliverable.

Your forum account WILL NOT be removed or disabled, just the following will be switched off:

* E-mail notifications (subscriptions) of new posts or threads
* E-mail notification if you get a new private message, friends request, or other services with notifications (these features will remain active/on for you)
* The receive e-mail from administrators and receive e-mail from other members options.

This saves the forum from wasting time sending an e-mail message to an account that's only going to bounce it back

To restore access, log into your User CP, make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date, then turn your e-mail notifications back on.

One last thing: it doesn't matter why your e-mail account bounces messages from the forum--the forum only recognizes a bounced message but not why it was returned. Reasons messages may be returned as bouncing include your having a disabled or closed e-mail account, your account has an incorrect e-mail address, your e-mail has a full inbox, your ISP or e-mail service is rejecting our e-mail, your ISP or e-mail service is down, or even that there simply was a split-second cosmic internet hiccup at the exact time when the message was sent to you and so it never made it. Who knows with the internet?

So if you notice that e-mails and notifications from the forum suddenly stopped coming, it could be because your e-mail bounced the message back to us--all you need to do is turn notifications things back on.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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