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Old 05-23-2007, 12:24 PM
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Default How to: How do buddy and ignore lists work?

Does the other party know you have added them to your list?
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Old 05-23-2007, 12:45 PM
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Sorry, forgot to finish my answer A Little Mink issue came up.

Buddy and Ignore lists can help control who you receive PMs from as well as the posts you see on the forum.

Buddy List: In your user CP, you have the option to choose to receive private messages from everyone, from just your buddies and staff, or to shut it off entirely. The Buddy List doesn't really do much more than help you control who you can get messages from...oh yeah, it also adds a plus next to someone's name so you know they're your buddy. No one can tell if you've added them to your Buddy list.

The only time you might learn that you're NOT on someone's Buddy list is if you get an error message when trying to send them a PM. The error message doesn't necessarily mean that you're on their Ignore could be being ignored, or it means that they've restricted who they get messages from and you're not on their Buddy list, or they've turned private messaging off. There's no way to tell which one it is--even I can't look it up...and even if I could look it up, I'd respect that member's privacy and not share that info.

Ignore List: The Ignore list will block out the person's posts in the forum and replaces them with a link, so you will not see their posts unless you choose to click on the link. It also prevents them from sending you PMs--they'll never make to you, you'll receive no notice that it was sent nor will they receive a notice that it was blocked. No one can tell if you've added them to your Ignore list. You can't ignore staff.

Second to last, as administrators, Tiddles and I override any PM setting, meaning that any message she or I send you WILL make it through even if you've turned private messaging off.

Last, I have no authority over a member's Buddy/Ignore lists, and so any issues concerning a specific member's settings need to be taken up with that person directly.

Hope this helps!
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