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How-To File Instructions for how to do various things at the forum

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Default How To: Managing forum messages and notifications

Here's a quick guide to managing the messaging and notification services that you have at the forum. All of these options can be accessed in your User CP under Options: Scroll down to Messaging and Notification.

I'll explain the features as well as what the Default settings are (i.e., what they'll be when you first register AND if you haven't made any changes while registering)--they're all in Bold. Almost all of these are check boxes, so checked means Yes and unchecked means No.
  • Receive newsletters and admin notices from the forum: this lets you receive the forum newsletter as well as any announcements via e-mail. The Default is YES; uncheck it if you don't want to receive anything. If you uncheck it, it's then your responsibility to read the Information Desk for any important announcements...though in extreme circumstances, I can override the NO and send you a message.
  • Receive e-mail messages from other members: this allows other members to look up your e-mail address. The Default is NO; check the box if you want to make your address available for other members to view. To address spam concerns, addresses are not readily accessable--they are only visible once someone click on the "send e-mail to member" link in a member's profile.
  • Receive friendship request e-mail: this will send you an e-mail when someone has made a friends request. The Default is YES; uncheck the box if you don't want an e-mail.
  • Default Thread Subscription Mode: this is how you can sign up to receive notices whenever there's been a new message posted in a thread. The Default is Do Not Subscribe. You can change this to receive notices in your User CP, immediate e-mail notifications (an e-mail sent with each new post, usually within a couple of hours of the post), daily e-mail notifications (a digest of the day's new posts) or weekly e-mail notifications (a weekly digest of new posts).
You can override your choice for specific threads. So if you are set to Do Not Subscribe but find a thread you're interested in, you can scroll down to the bottom of the thread and subscribe to only that thread. Likewise, if you subscribe to eveything under the sun but want to opt out of a certain thread or only get a weekly digest of updates, you can do that too.
  • Enable Private Messaging System: this lets you turn on and off the Private Messaging (PM) system. The Default is YES (system is on); uncheck it to turn it off. In emergencies, I can override a NO and send you messages.
  • Receive Private Messages only from Contacts & Friends: This allows you to limit the private messages you get to just Forum Staff and to anyone you have added to your Contacts & Friends lists. The Default is NO (receiving messages from eveyone); to limit it to just forum staff and buddies, check this.
  • Receive E-mail Notification of New Private Messages: This sends you an e-mail message whenever you have a new PM waiting. The Default is NO; to receive the notice whenever you get a new message, check this.
  • Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up: Last but not least, this option will alert you with a pop-up message if you have a new message waiting for you. The Default is NO; to allow the pop-up to appear, check this.
  • Enable Visitor Messaging: this lets other members leave you messages on your profile. The Default is YES (active); uncheck it to turn it off.
  • Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators: this restricts visitor messaging to just contacts and forum staff. The Default is NO (all members can leave you messages); check it to limit it to contacts and staff.
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