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How-To File Instructions for how to do various things at the forum

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Old 08-10-2008, 04:04 PM
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Default How-To: Problems Registering?

A few tips for registering here at the forum:
  • Only one (1) account can be registered per e-mail address. If you've tried to register but were rejected because your e-mail address is already registered, that means that you already have an account you forgot about, or someone else is using your e-mail address. This may be a problem if multiple persons in the same household share an e-mail account but all wish to join...but unfortunately, each one of you joining will need your own e-mail address. Fortunately, I allow addresses from Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and other free e-mail services.
  • The answer to the human verification question must be in word format, NOT a number. It's a simple math question, and if you can add/subtract single digits and know how to spell any number between zero and ten, you will be fine. Capitalization should not matter, but to play it safe, answer it all in lowercase.
  • Last, be sure that you are typing in your password the exact same way twice! Your account won't be created if both of your password fields do not match.
If you are still having problems registering, drop me a note at minki.roo at and I'll help you out.
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