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Originally Posted by minki View Post
Since members can now create their custom titles at any time, I've expanded the User Rank list to add more ranks, as well as making each rank require more posts to reach:

The Junior: 0 posts (you start here)
Packing and Maintenance: after 15 posts
Customer: 30 posts
Canteen Staff: 45 posts
Lift Person: 60 posts
Sporting Goods: 75 posts
Novelty Candles: 90 posts
His and Hers: 105 posts
Bathroom Fittings: 125 posts
Toy Department: 150 posts
Middle Sales Assistant: 175 posts
Hardware and DIY: 200 posts
Staff Magazine Editor: 250 posts
Senior Salesperson: 300 posts
Mr. Rumbold's Secretary: 350 posts
(yes, you get this even if you are male...if it makes you feel any better, John Inman played a male secretary in Take a Letter, Mr. Jones Otherwise, just make those 50 posts to move on to the next level)

Which is...

Floorwalker: 400 posts
Accounts Department: 450 posts
Upper Middle Management: 500 posts
The Heir: 750 posts
Member of the Board: 1000 posts

After you reach Upper Middle Management (500 posts), you get the Key to the Executive Washroom

At Member of the Board Rank, you enter the prestigous Member of the Board usergroup and receive our small benefits package...which you won't know what it is until you actually get there
Hi Minki: I'm glad I went to this section and read this. I thought I had gotten demoted from packing and maintenance LOL!. This was actually the only funny part about this sad sad day. That is my goal to be a MOB with 1,000 posts. I think I'll just move right on in and sleep on the counter like Mr. Spooner did in Friends and Neighbours. Hopefully someone will give me a poke when its time to get up. Take care all of you and thanks Minki for this site.
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"I am unanimous in that!"
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