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Default Greetings after 10 years

My brother made a reference to "good. stout. long-lasting, hard-wearing tweed" and brought back memories of this site. I browsed the members list sorted by earliest to jog my memory on my username (As a kid i loved the break in episode where they pretend to be mobsters and we had endless fun impersonating Italian Tony.) and then somehow remembered my password. Thank goodness because the email address was ancient and the company is long defunct.

I was a little surprised to see my join date listed so near the beginning. How did this forum get its start? Was there some kind of software update and account rollover or was i really in on the ground floor? I feel like i posted under another username prior to having this one, but could be misremembering. I remember the usernames of several of the users on the site, the unchanging design and the friendly tone. Both the site and AYBS remind me of a simpler time in my life that seems like a century ago.

In the time I've been gone I've graduated college, moved to a different city, gave up on my religion, switched life-philosophies and political parties, got another degree, my first girlfriend and a job. Even though it feels like almost everything in my life has changed, AYBS still gives me a chuckle and a warm memory of childhood evenings tuning into PBS with my family. Time for a re-watch I think. Cheers to you all!
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