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Smile Hello There!

Hey everybody! After a thorough browsing of your blooper topic and some other things, I decided to join your lovely forum. I love the smilies!

User Name: Normally I'd pick my initials, but a change is as good as a rest, so I'm honouring the mushroom tree! Used to have one just like that!

AYBS fan for: 18 years.
Favourite character: Mr Humphries
Favourite episode: The Hand Of Fate
Least favourite episode: Is It Catching?
Favourite line: From A Bliss Girl, where Mr Humphries is trying to sell a fur coat to a wife whose husband is paying:
-"3,000 pounds? He'll have a heart attack!"
-"Fortunately it is black."
Most sought AYBS item: TV10 used to advertise AYBS in 1997 or so with gigantic pink posters featuring Mr Humphries, hanging in bus stops. Would love to have one!

Lives in: Netherlands.
Profession: composer
Web places: and
Also loves: Blackadder, Miyazaki, learning foreign languages, Bordewijk, Hesse, Kafka, Dostoevski, the arts, music of all kinds but particularly Zappa, Donald Duck and animals.

Joined this forum to:
Two reasons actually: one is to share some bloopers I found, other is to find out why the audience roars when Mr Humphries mentions walking around dressed as an Arab.
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