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Default Validating your e-mail address

Some of you may notice that your User Title has changed to:

"Please validate your e-mail address!"

That is because your e-mail address is unverified and needs to be activated. For the security of your account, you need to verify that your e-mail address does indeed exist when you first register at the forum, as well as whenever you change your e-mail address.

Note: if your User Title did not change, your e-mail address is validated and your account is fine.

Validating your address takes only a minute. When you first register or whenever change your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail at the address you entered asking you to activate your account. Open the mail and click on the link inside (depending on the browser you have, you may need to cut and paste the URL). That's it! Once you validate your e-mail address, the User Title will revert back to whatever it was.

Don't have that activation e-mail any more? Send me a PM and I'll resend it.

Can't access the e-mail address you have listed in your account? As long as you know your password and can log in, no prob: you can change it to whatever address you currently have. Then just validate that new address and you're good.

The reason we're always on you to keep your e-mail address up to date is that we send password reset info by e-mail. If you forget your password and the e-mail address on your account is incorrect, you have effectively locked yourself out of your account!

Any questions, PM me.

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