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How come the post/calendar times seem off by an hour or two?
The forum's time zone and Daylight Saving adjustment (if any) are always set to Minki's current location, which may not be the same as yours. If you are not logged into the forum, Minki's time zone is the one you will see by default. You can tell the offset by scrolling down to the bottom of any page: it will read "All times are GMT +/- ##", which will be Minki's time zone. Currently that zone is Pacific Time, but it does change frequently.

You can customize your account settings to reflect your time zone by going to the User Control Panel. Then when you log in, times will be adjusted to reflect your local time. The "All times are GMT" at the bottom of each page will then adjust to your time zone.

I'm having problems staying logged into the forum...

If you are having repeated problems staying logged in, try the following:

    1. Log out of the forum.
    2. Clear your browser's cache and delete any cookies.
    3. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from
    4. Check your browser's security settings--settings on High or Medium-High may prevent you from staying logged into the forum. Lower your settings to Medium; if you are unable or unwilling to do that, then add to your Trusted Sites list.
    5. Close your browser ENTIRELY.
    6. Restart your computer.
    7. Go take a break, get a cup of coffee/tea/whatever your poison is.
    8. When you've finished restarting, open your browser.
    9. Log back into the forum, making sure that "Remember Me" is checked.

That will fix the problem 98% of the time. If that list doesn't work, try switching to a different browser. If you are still having problems after doing that, contact Minki and let her know.

Please note that if you have changed your username, e-mail address and/or password, you may have automatically been logged out--you will need to log back in with your new info. If you've changed your e-mail address, you will need to validate your new e-mail address before you are able to post again.

Can I change my username?
To change your username, send a PM to Minki with your desired username. All of your posts will be updated with your current username.

Your old username is locked for 60 days, then it will be free for anyone to register. If you change your mind about your new username and want the old one back, you will have to wait 60 days, and then hopefully be the first one to snag your old name.

Can I change the color of my username?
Username color is based on your rank at the forum and can't be changed.

Why can't I access certain features of the forum?
You need to be logged into the forum to access a lot of its content. If you are not logged into the forum, you will only be able to view the public areas in The Lobby, Main Floor and Second Floor. In addition, some features such as the ability to have signatures and post links are granted only after you have made a certain number of posts.

Why isn't my post count going up? I just posted!
Some forums such as The Break Room and The Suggestion Box have post count turned off. Posts made in these forums will not go towards your total post count. In addition, posts made in Social Groups don't go towards your total post count either.

Why did my post count go down?

There are two reasons that your post count may have went down. The likely reason is that forum staff deleted your post(s). As a rule, we don't delete posts...but we do reserve the right to. The other reason was that your post(s) were moved to a forum where post count is turned off.

I will not manually adjust post counts to compensate for any deleted posts, as I do not have the time or resources to keep track of everyone's changes. Besides, don't put so much weight on your post count--people will remember you more (and better) for the quality of your posts than for the quantity of them.

Explain this "Friends" thing to me...
Contacts and Friends replaces the old Buddy List feature that was on older versions of vBulletin. This feature allows you to control who can contact you and how. You can add people to your Contacts list to allow them to send you PMs, view your albums and interact with you on other features. If the contact is reciprocated by the other person--that is, they add you to their Contacts list--you are then displayed on each other's profiles as Friends. You are free to turn off, turn on or edit Contacts and Friends at any time.

A word of advice is to not take the term "Friends" too seriously. A friends request does not put anyone under obligation, and you are free to accept or reject requests--or even not use the feature at all!--as you see fit. This feature is meant to give you more control over your interactions with others, and nothing more.

Why can't I send/receive PMs?
You probably have reached your maximum capacity in your inbox. The total number of messages you're allowed to have is determined by your forum rank; this number includes both received AND sent messages. You will receive a warning notice when your inbox capacity reaches 90% of total. When it reaches 100% of total, you will not be able to send or receive messages until you delete some of your old ones.

So you know, asking me to increase the size of your inbox will not work--it will make me decrease it to 10 instead.

There's members on the board, but no names listed in "Who's Online."
That is because there are invisible members on the board. All members have the option to set themselves to invisible, meaning that they will not appear as being online. You can visit the forum and post as normal while invisible. If you are invisible, only I (Minki) will know you are online...and I won't tell.

If I'm a member here, can I also join other AYBS forums?

Of course you can! What you do away from this forum is not my business--you can take part in anything else in the web that you like.

I want to start over with a new account because I screwed up/have a bad rep/am unhappy/want a change.
I've been running forums for more than a decade and visiting them for much longer than that, and I can tell you from experience that starting over--for whatever reason--with a new account at any forum rarely works. This is usually because within a couple of weeks, the "new" member slips about their old identity, or falls back into old posting habits making them easy to recognize. So instead of starting over, such members often find themselves back where they started from!

Instead of attempting to start over, it is more effective and better to repair you reputation or find happiness with what you have. It’s true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, but I also believe that your actions since then can help negate—or reinforce—that impression. What your reputation and standing at the forum is something that is entirely in your hands, as I have no sway over how people perceive you.

The best way you can repair your reputation is to change your ways. Don't talk—actually DO it. Take an honest look at how you conduct yourself at the forum…then have someone else objectively look at your behavior and be honest with you about what they see. Do this especially if you feel you’re still suffering from a bad rep despite your efforts, because you may think you’re making changes but it's not coming across to others. And keep in mind that improvement won’t happen overnight, so you need to be patient and keep at the positive changes—if your intentions are honorable, that will show and most members will react accordingly.

What is a "second-chancer?"
"Second-chancers" are members that were banned but allowed to return to the forum. We have very few of them since it's rare that someone misbehaves bad enough to get themselves banned in the first place. There is no way you'd know if someone is a second-chancer unless they told you they were or the incident leading to their banning was public.

I had registered here before under another username but I can't access it. Help!
If you had an account here before that you can't access...or think you had an account here but aren't sure, all is not lost. E-mail minki (minki.roo at with your username and/or the e-mail address(es) you used to register the account with, and I'll see what I can do to reunite you with your old account. If I'm unable to do that, you have my permission to start a new account.

For security reasons, I will not change the e-mail address listed on your old account. If you are unable to access that e-mail address anymone and can't remember your old password, you have locked yourself out of that account. Now you see why I'm always reminding you to make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date?

Why am I receiving mail from you?

I do not randomly send out e-mail to people--in fact, I have a hard time sending out messages to people who do want them! You are receiving mail from the forum because:

1. There is an account registered at the forum under your e-mail address, AND
2. When you registered, you elected to receive e-mail from the forum.

Simply put: you joined the forum and then opted to receive our e-mail.

Addressing Item #2 is easy: In your User CP>>User Options you can adjust what communications you receive from the forum.

If however, you did NOT register for an account, what could have happened is that someone else registered but made a mistake in their e-mail address (I'll send them a PM asking them to double-check their account and change it), someone who you may share your e-mail account with has registered (this is common occurence when families have one e-mail address, so ask them if they did sign up), or you inherited someone's old e-mail account (that can happen with e-mail accounts from ISPs or businesses).

Whatever the cause, let me know there's a problem and I'll work with you to fix it.

I signed up to receive e-mail notices, but stopped getting them/didn't get any. Help!

First, be sure your e-mail address is correct--if it's not, you won't get any notices!

Then, go under your User CP>>User Options and verify that you did indeed sign up for notifications from the forum. The default settings are "Yes", so unless you've been in there making changes when you registered, you should already be signed up.

If you had signed up and were receiving notices but stopped, that's because your e-mail account bounced a message back to us as Undeliverable. When that happens, the forum switches your e-mail notifications off so it's not sending repeated messages to an account that's rejecting them. To fix this, just log into your User CP>>User Options and turn your notices back on.

Please note that this will happen regardless of the reason your e-mail account returned the mail as Undeliverable. If you have a full mailbox and can't accept more messages, have closed the account, have banned us, your e-mail provider went down for maintenance, or there simply was a split-second cosmic hiccup at the time the message was sent that for whatever reason caused it to be rejected...the forum software can not tell the difference. So please don't come at me with, "But my account is fine, I'm not having any problems!" I'm sure it is fine now...but at the time the notification was sent from the forum, for whatever reason it was not.

That being said, if you are finding that your notifications settings are being repeatedly switched off without good reason (e.g., your inbox is never near full), do drop me a note so I can work with you to fix it.

How can I delete my account?
Deleting your account can't be undone. You will no longer be able to log in and your username will be immediately available for anyone to use. Your posts will remain but will revert to "Guest" status.

To delete your account, do one of the following:
  • Send me (and ONLY me) a PM requesting your account be deleted. This is the preferred way as it verifies your identity to me.
  • Send me (again, ONLY me) an e-mail from the e-mail address listed in your account. While I'd rather get the request by PM, this also verifies your identity to me, but ONLY if it's from the e-mail address in your account.
  • Post in the Suggestion Box or on the forum that you want your account deleted. I prefer not to do it this way, but as it verifies your identity I will honor the request.
  • If you do not have access to your old e-mail account, you can still write me to request deletion: provide me with as much detail about your account as possible. I do not prefer to do things this way as it does not verify with certainty your identity to me. However, if you can prove beyond all doubt that the account is indeed yours, I will delete it.
Be aware that for the protection of other members as well as yourself, if I am unable to verify your identity or am not absolutely convinced about the validity of your request, I will err on the safe side and NOT delete the account. So this is as good of a reason as any for you to make sure your e-mail address on the account is kept up-to-date, don't you think?

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