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Meet the Forum Staff
I (Minki) am your friendly forum, owner. Your friendly forum moderators are Sonosun and Greg WibblyWobbly. Tiddles is our junior administrator emertus. Forum Staff have bolded names with sparkly stars. If you need help, just send any of us a Private Message (PM).

If you are not a registered member of the forum, then you can contact Minki via e-mail at minki.roo at

Getting Started
Registration at the Are You Being Served...and More! Forum is fast and free! You could visit here as a guest, but you're not going to be able to do anything but view a fraction of what we're offering :) To be able to post, see all the forums and enjoy the forum features, you need to be a registered member.

Only one account is allowed per person.

Usernames are first-come, first-serve. Nothing offensive or that can confuse you with staff; I have the right to reject your username for any reason. You can change your username at any time if you as Minki, but then your old name becomes free for anyone to register.

I do not delete inactive accounts, so your account will always be here when you need it. However, the PM box and albums of inactive accounts may be pruned as needed to free up space.

Forum Features
Most forum features are available only to registered members. This is not a complete list.

Private Messaging: You can use the Private Messaging (PM) system to communicate with other members. You can control who can send your messages.

Visitor Messages: You can leave public messages for each other on your profiles. Again, you can control who can contact you.

Albums: Members have the ability to keep picture albums, for either public, private or members-only viewing.

Contacts & Friends: You can add people to your Contacts list to allow them to send you PMs, view your albums and interact with you on other features. If the feeling is reciprocated, you can choose to be displayed on each other's profiles as Friends. This feature helps you determine how people interact with you.

Ignore List: You can choose to ignore specific members for whatever reason. This feature also helps you control who can communicate with you.

Ranks: You are assigned a rank based on the total number of posts you have. This is automatic and can not be changed. You can find the current list of ranks here.

Custom Titles: You can create a custom title to go along with your rank. I reserve the right to reject offensive or inappropriate titles, or titles that imply you may be Staff (i.e., moderator, Mr. Grace, etc.).

Subscriptions: You can easily track threads you're interested in, and get e-mail notifications of updates as frequently (or infrequently) as you like.

ChatBox A casual bulletin-board chat area for members to enjoy.

Members of the Board: Members of the Board are long-standing, loyal members who have earned special recognition, as well as a few perks. Everyone has an opportunity to reach this level.

Forum Rules
Don't post in ALL CAPS or aLt CaPs. All caps is the equivalent of shouting; alt caps is just plain annoying. I tar and feather members who use alt caps.

Font size should be a 3 or smaller. When choosing font color/size, remember that some combinations may be hard for others to read.

I know that AYBS is rife with innuendo, but keep the language at TV-14 level or below. Profanity filters will automatically blank out the more colorful language.

Don't post anything pornographic, illegal, graphic (sexual or violence), offensive or derogatory.

It can be very easy to misconstrue someone's words on a forum since all we have to go by are words on a screen. So if you're not sure what someone means, try to give a fellow poster the benefit of the doubt and believe they meant well...or just come out and ask them what they meant.

Respect other members and their opinions, even if you don't agree with them. If you can't be nice to each other, you have to at least be civil in the threads.

You have a few hours after posting to edit your post; after that time you will have to contact Forum Staff to make further edits. Post edits are logged to avoid any problems. Because we close edits to posts after a set time, double-posting is allowed within reason.

Forum Staff will move/edit/delete posts as necessary. If you have any questions as to what was done to/with a post, please contact a Staff Member.

Last, I don't buy excuses of your being tired/drunk/angry/confused when you posted, that you didn't read what you wrote, or that you didn't bother to check the link you posted...because YOU are held responsible for anything you post. Don't think these excuses are a way for you to get out of trouble. So--and pay attention to this especially if you're on your second chance with us--take a moment to re-read your post before you hit the "Post" button.

The Water Cooler (Chatbox)
The Water Cooler is our forum's Chatbox is where you can leave messages for each other. It's part bulletin-board and part chat room, and while it's simple to use, there's a few things you need to know about using it.

The Rules:
All forum rules that apply to posting in threads apply to posting in the Chatbox.

The How-To:
You need to be logged into the forum to view and use the Chatbox.

To post in the Chatbox, just type a message where it says "Message..." and when you are done, just hit your Enter button. The maximum number of characters in each post is 255. Smilies are allowed: just type the smiley code in, or select the smiley from the pop-up window.

Members can not edit or delete their posts once submitted. If it's imperative a post of yours be edited or deleted from the Chatbox, contact a Forum Staff member.

Posts are viewable to all logged-in members until they are pruned from the archive (i.e., in 7 days). There is no private Chatbox feature. If you are looking for a private way to communicate with someone, I suggest sending them a PM.

Members are not actually "in" the Chatbox: they read and post in it like they'd would do in any other part of the forum. In the Full and Archive Views, you will be able to see which members have been active in the Chatbox in the last 2 minutes. Keep in mind that being listed as an active member doesn't necessarily mean that member is currently looking at/will look at the Chatbox.

You can switch between having the Chatbox on the top of the forum or having it full-screen: simply select Chatbox Full to go full-screen. To leave the full-screen mode, click on the forum's logo to go back to the forum's main page.

To view the archives, select Chatbox Archive from the pull-down menu. There you will see all the Chatbox posts from the last week. To exit the archive, click on the forum's logo to go back to the forum's main page.

You can even minimize the Chatbox so you don't even see it: To do that, click on the double-arrows on the right-hand side of the bar to collape the Chatbox to a bar (or expand it again).

Neither Invisible nor Ignore settings carry over to the Chatbox.

If you don't follow the rules or otherwise cause trouble in the Chatbox, you can find yourself with infractions, banned from the Chatbox or even banned from the entire forum. "Second-chancers" should pay special attention to this.

Last, please be aware that while Forum Staff may periodically review the archives for obvious problems (spammers, gross rule violations), it still remains the members' responsibility to report ASAP any problems or abuse they encounter from other members. Likewise, if you encounter technical bugs, report them too. The Chatbox is not monitored 24/7, and so we won't know if something is a problem if you don't tell us about it!

Avatars and Signatures
You need to have 10 posts before you can use a signature; you can have an avatar from the get-go.

If you choose to use an avatar (userpic), you can choose one from our galleries or upload your own image. Avatars are limited in size (between 80-100 pixels). It need not be an AYBS-themed avatar. Nothing offensive or explicit will be allowed.

Do not choose the same avatar as Forum Staff members without their permission: I reserve the right to change yours if you do so.

Members are allowed to have signatures provided they keep within the following guidelines:
  • No links to sites that are pornographic, illegal or derogatory in nature
  • Font size 2 or smaller
  • Maximum of 6 lines of text
  • Graphics are allowed in moderation
  • If your signature compells me to write you to say it's too large, it's too large
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete signatures if they don't comply with the rules
  • Click on links in signatures at your own risk

  • The Infraction System and Banning
    Infractions are given whenever rules are broken. The points given vary on the offense; you may also just get a warning with no points.

    If you accumulate 5 points, you get an automatic 7 day ban.

    If you are causing a LOT of trouble, you may be banned with less than 5 points, without warning, for more than 7 days, or even permanently.

    You can see how many points you have in your User Profile. This information is visible only to you and the Forum Staff. Points expire after a set period of time so you are not punished forever for your mistakes.

    If you are banned, you will need to wait it out. If you want to come back sooner, you need to e-mail me (Minki) privately to discuss the matter. Coming at me with "but I didn't do anything!" won't help you. Bans here are very rare because they are not issued lightly; so if you were given one, you did something to earn it. You're better off acknowledging your responsibility in the matter, then you and I can look at how we can get you back on track.

    For the sake of members' privacy, I do not discuss infractions with anyone except the involved member. Please do not ask for information or try to "help" them get unbanned.

    Attempting to register another account while you have a banned one will result in a permanent ban. I almost never lift permanent bans.

    If you were banned and allowed to return, you are now what we call a "second chancer". You have no restrictions on your membership, but the important thing for you to know is that we are not as tolerant of misbehavior from "second chancers". Make a point to stick to the forum's rules, because a second ban for any reason will be a permanent one.

    Care and Feeding of the Forum Staff
    The forum's moderators are GregWibblyWobbly and Sonosun. They are here to help me run the forum, and I expect that they will be accorded the same respect from you that would be accorded me. I trust them with their duties and I trust their judgement. I don't issue that trust lightly; in the last several years they have earned that trust many times over.

    The fourm staff will use only PM or the Suggestion Box to communciate with you regarding forum business. They will not discuss forum business in the Chatbox. Also, forum Staff will never visit your website/forum/guestbook nor contact you by instant messenger programs (AIM, ICQ, etc) regarding forum business. If they contact you in such fashion, it is in a personal capacity and has nothing to do with the forum.

    I am not responsible for the actions of the forum staff away from my forum (e.g., at other forums or websites).

    I am not looking for any more forum staff; if I do decide to recruit additional staff, I and I alone will contact candiates privately. Likewise, even though you might mean to be helpful, please do not attempt to "moderate" the forum for us. Moderators are instructed to moderate the forum in accordance with my wishes. If you are concerned with how the forum is being moderated, then you need to talk to me about it, instead of taking matters into your own hands.

    Privacy Policy
    This section will detail what information we collect and how it is used.

    Members are required to provide only a username and e-mail address; any other information provided by the member is optional. Members may choose to make private whatever information of theirs they wish except for the username, which obviously must remain public because how else will people know who you are?

    Absolutely NO member information is given, sold, traded, or otherwise made available to any other member, person or organization for any reason. The only exception to this rule would be to fulfill a subpoena served by a law enforcement agency.

    IP addresses are logged for the protection of both the members and of the Forum.

    Staff has NO access to a member's password, PM box or friends/contacts/ignore list. I can't tell you what your password was or who is ignoring you.

    This site uses cookies to enhance your experience here. You may choose to refuse/reject cookies at any time...but keep in mind that doing that may cause some of the forum's features to not work as well. Same thing applies to JavaScript.

    Forum Staff do not answer questions about members and/or their accounts at the forum. If you have questions regarding a person's membership at the forum, then you need to talk to that member directly. If a member has not made a contact method available (i.e., accepting visitor/private messages, e-mail address posted, etc.), then I'm afraid there is no way for you to contact them, at least not through the forum. Forum Staff will not relay messages to those who have made their info private.

    No one under the age of 13 is allowed to use this forum, regardless of their country of residence. If you suspect that a member may be under 13 years old, you need to contact me (Minki) privately, either by PM or through e-mail at minki.roo at

    Last, if you have concerns about the activities of any member at the forum (I'm not interested in what members do away from here), please contact me privately. When reporting, provide as much detail and evidence as possble. I take every concern seriously and will investigate it. However, for the privacy of all parties involved, I will not report any findings, my actions taken or otherwise provide any follow-up to you.

    Copyright and Use Information
    Are You Being Served?, the characters, and other relevant things are copyrighted 1972-end of time, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). All rights reserved.

    Forum software copyrighted 2000-end of time, vBulletin.

    No part of the Forum or any site may be embedded or framed in another site. I never grant permission for anyone to do this.

    AYBS? and More Forums is affiliated only with "Are You Being Served? Forever" and other sites such as Greg's. There is no affiliation with any other website or organization.

    Some Final Words...
    You're looking at the largest and most successful AYBS forum on the web (10+ years and counting!), and I can take credit for only a small fraction of that. What truly makes the forum a success is the members that take part in it, and so to the members: Thank You.

    I encourage and review all feedback about the forum, good and bad. Also, I often solicit feedback and input from members before I make many decisions or changes here. However, please understand that I'm not able to address every suggestion given or make every change requested. On the same note, not every action I take is subject to membership approval or even open to discussion with members.

    Please don't take this personally: I have to act in the best interests of the forum as a whole, and that means sometimes I have to tell people "No." But don't let that stop you from sending me feedback, suggestions, comments, ideas, and such! Just because I have to turn down an idea now doesn't mean it could work later, or that the next one couldn't work...

    Last, if you are truly unhappy with me and how I run the forum, no one is forcing you to stay here. You are free to come and go here as you please.

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