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Suggestion Box Just like the one outside of Mr. Rumbold's office!

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How to Use the Suggestion Box

This is the Suggestion Box. As you can see, it may look empty...but it really isn't

The Suggestion Box is for you to post questions, comments, feedback, whatever...but instead of everyone being able to read your suggestion, only you and the staff will be able to see it. That's why the forum looks empty: none of the other threads are yours!

The Suggestion Box will allow us to better track issues, allow you to easily provide additional information as needed, and let us provide feedback to you when applicable. To use the Suggestion Box, start a thread like you would any other thread in the forum, and we'll take it from there.

All of the staff members are able to read your thread. If you wish to contact only certain staff member(s), you will have to use a PM.

Once a issue has been resolved, the thread may be closed and/or stored.

Last, post count is off in the Suggestion Box.
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