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AYBS Forum Guide and Rules - Latest Updates (8/08)

The AYBS Forum Guide and Rules have been moved to the FAQ.

The FAQ organizes the information better than this thread did, plus it's easier for me to expand and fill in. This announcement will remain for announcing any major FAQ additions and rule changes--I won't post about every single punctuation mark and number edit, otherwise people would never leave the Information Desk!

Oh yes, the Privacy Policy has been added to the FAQ.

Check the date in the Subject line of the thread: it will tell you the last time there was a major update to the FAQ/rules, and then you can choose to read the FAQ at your leisure. Although it remains a good policy for members to check the FAQ periodically for any sort of changes as well as to refresh themselves about the rules, because as a member you ARE responsible for following the rules in the FAQ, and "I didn't read it" doesn't fly as an excuse.

Any questions, PM me. PCO
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