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Introductions We debag Juniors on their first day

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Welcome to our forum!

I know from personal experience that being a new poster in an established place can be a little intimidating at first. So this is the Introductions forum, which you can use to jump in and get to know people.

Effective March 2012, you need to have your account activated in order to be able to post anywhere on the forum, including in here. I usually activate accounts within 24-48 hours...if it hasn't been activated by that time, drop me a e-mail at minki.roo at gmail dot com with your username.

To introduce yourself, start a new thread by hitting the New Thread button, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Be as detailed or as vague as you want!

We really are a friendly bunch and we'll be excited to see and welcome you! And when you're done, feel free to read and post in the other introduction threads too. The easiest way to become a part of our family is to just take the plunge and start posting!

You DON'T have to post here first before going on to the rest of the forum. If you're just passing through or not ready to say Hi yet, that's fine. Enjoy our fourm, and introduce yourself whenever you are ready
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